Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Party Celebrations

In our Hall Room we have many celebrations.  In January, we celebrated Saraswati Puja.  Five assistants from the new community in Kenya participated in our Christmas drama.  As we celebrated “L’Arche Family Day”, we felt very much part of the larger family of L’Arche.  Everyone participated in the making  of several banners with  the L’Arche logo. 
Some of the Shopno Nir boys have moved to Kanchijuly to be closer the other Nirs.  The rest of the boys will move when 2 new rooms are built in the garden area of this house.  Mithun who was an assistant was happy to change his role to become a cook in Asha Nir.  All have put on weight because of his tasty cooking.  Majohar Ali had a minor operation to clear an infection in his finger.  He does not like his bandage. 
We were all very sad to have lost Dough Bhai – Fr. Douglas, our spiritual director – on 28th December 2009.  Some of the core members and assistants went with Naomi to visit him in Dhaka on Christmas day.  They had a beautiful visit with him, singing songs and eating chocolate cake.  He gave them all his blessing.  We have many fond memories of him.  Sohag says “Doug Bhai is now in Heaven with Allah”.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

News from Mymensingh Community, L’Arche Bangladesh

 Recently, we had our annual picnic at a beautiful private park owned by a friend of the community’s.  The parent’s of our day core members also joined us and we celebrated all those whose birthdays are in February.  Some assistants and volunteers went ahead the day before to prepare the food which was delicious.
From the garden this year, we got lots of fresh vegetables and a good crop of potatoes.  The workshop boys enjoy the planting and harvesting and some of the core members who find the workshop too restrictive, enjoy the freedom of the garden.  The jewelry made at our workshop is popular with the local Mymensingh ladies.  The boys were delighted when the candle section of the workshop got an order from the local Salesian Sisters.
Every morning before Daycare starts, the children sit for prayer and a short silence.  The story of the “Enormous Turnip” is the favourite drama of the Daycare children and the audience also get a chance to participate.  A new chair was made by the father of Yeasin, one of the other children, for Hamima so she is safe in the cycle van on her journey to and from daycare.

    In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, we send all of you much Love, Peace, and Joy!

L’Arche Mymensingh
February 2010

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Human Resource Development

We seek to be communities where people whatever their race, religion, culture, abilities or disabilities can find a place and reveal their gifts to the world.
This openness to and respect for others implies a belief in our common humanity, in the beauty of other cultures, and in God’s love for each person. We are one human race. We human beings are all fundamentally the same. We are people with vulnerable hearts, yearning to love and be loved and valued.
This openness, which brings together people who are different, is inspired by love, a love that sees the value in others through and in their differences and the difficulties they might have, a love that is humble, vulnerable, and welcoming.
Peace comes as we approach others humbly, disarmed, from a place of truth, not from a place of superiority.
Isn’t that the vision at the heart of all interdenominational and interfaith dialogue?